STEM Camp (Rising 2nd-3rd) Summer 2024

STEM Camp (Rising 2nd-3rd) Summer 2024

Grace Christian School

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STEM Camp (Rising 2nd-3rd)

Mrs. Jennifer Ames, Middle School Science Teacher
2nd - 3rd Grade
June 24 - 27
9:00am - 12:00pm


Crash, boom, bang: destroy! There’s nothing students love more than the satisfying smash and bash of things being demolished. They always do it for sheer amusement; now they can do it in the name of science. Just imagine watching a marshmallow grow bigger and bigger: up to four times its size in the microwave. Will it blow up? Or crashing race cars designed by them, launching homemade rockets, and making an exothermic reaction, replicating an explosive volcano!  Students will love participating in mind-blowing, eye-popping experiments accompanied by safety precautions and commonsense advice, sign up now and get set for a smashing time!